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Establish sound methods and reliable systems to create a good reputation and trading history. Know your target audience first and find a niche with less strong competitors. Be consistent in marketing and communication to allow your product to reach far and wide. Outsourcing – here, one company delegates a project and its responsibilities to another. In simple words, hiring another company to implement the functions of your business.

Software development from scratch vs White label solution

The path of choosing a white label solution in fintech is not as treacherous as it may sound. To avoid being banned from App Store and Play Store, you must stay away from ubiquitous designs and create your own signature style. Nevertheless, you might need to consider building your own platform to have more power over the development process. And in the last case, you are fully responsible for your brand’s reputation. In finance, the number of startups that decide to take the software “off-the-shelf” is increasing with lightning speed.


The Binance Smart Chain platform is filled with exceptional features such as Ethereum Virtual Machine, Proof Of Stake consensus mechanism, cross-chain, and speed; all at a high level. ERC -721 is the first NFT Standard introduced by ethereum to create NFT that allows the digital representation of unique assets. This digital token standard creates intrinsic values to the tokenized unique assets in the crypto market by building scarcity and demand for those NFTs. Customers prefer branded solutions because of their trust in the brands.

Software development from scratch vs White label solution

Relevant knows that a custom white-label ERP solution is the secret to business success in today’s competitive market. When you’re ready for your business to be sustainable and profitable, reach out to Relevant. Relevant will provide the ERP white label solution you want with the support services you need.

Are There Any Risks of Using White Label Fintech Services?

This is very much preferred by almost everyone in the crypto world for the development of their decentralized applications and other various platforms. Thus, it is a very good fit for business platforms that want to launch the White Label NFT Marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain to experience its novelty in an instant. Buy a White Label NFT marketplace software to build our business instead of spending time and money to build an NFT marketplace from scratch.

  • The user creates the NFT for their physical assets which can be redeemed by the NFT buyer while owning the proprietorship of the physical asset.
  • However, it is crucial to approach the best white label cryptocurrency exchange software provider for developing your digital asset exchange platform.
  • The most renowned case of WL products reselling during these times were sanitizers, as well as food products and ​household chemicals.
  • Users can bid for their respected NFTs and make purchases for a reasonable price.
  • The development of white-label crypto exchange software is less time and less budget when compared to building an exchange from scratch.
  • An analysis was done of different gamification approaches that could service all the client’s objectives.
  • The technical expertise of our cryptocurrency exchange software development team will help you with a robust white label bitcoin exchange software capable of high-performance.

You wait a few days for the answer to discover that they still don’t know. Starting your own standalone casino is a time and cost consuming process. We are technology neutral and strongly believe that each technology has its own pros and cons. It depends on the skills of the developers rather than the technology itself.

Accounting and payroll companies (e.g., BDO, Grant Thornton, PwC) and financial software vendors also use white-labeling as an effective tool to scale their solutions. Bankable is a transnational architect of innovative payment solutions for corporations, banks, and retailers. These include e-wallets, mobile wallets, money transfer services, P2P money transfers, and prepaid card programs, which are available as self-service platforms with a white label and through the API. When you are ready to build a white label fintech platform, ensure you consider all the aspects of its development and how it will impact your business for seamless integration. In the white label app and software development process, discussions and agreements on what is to be added and what to leave out depending on the budget and available timeline are necessary. Insurance – a white label banking solution can help you provide users with insurance quotes.

Wallet Clone

However, many businesses are still hesitant to enhance their offerings with white-labeled options, not being aware of the specifics – and benefits – of such solutions. Besides the ready-to-use website and casino software, the White Label solution provider also takes care of the legal aspects of business. It offers operation under the provider’s active online gambling license in one of the existing gambling jurisdictions. It means there is no need go through the tedious process of license application, which can take from several weeks to more than a year.

Software development from scratch vs White label solution

The “white” product is first acquired from the manufacturer without any branding and so it allows entrepreneurs to fully brand and build their own identity. Technical experts communicate with startup professionals to determine the precise requirements and business objectives. This phase lays the framework by allocating resources, costs, and a work schedule to create a synchronized workflow that aligns business goals with the right technology platforms. You may launch a trading platform suited to managing activities with Bitcoin and other cryptos and minimize costs along the way by purchasing white label software.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Legal

Our goal is to lift our partners to fulfill more of the CEO role while we take care of the day-to-day management of clients. Read more about our White Label solution to learn about the possibilities it offers or apply for a free consultation to see if it is the right fit for your business model. E-learning platforms have transformed education & learning, and are continuing to make a bigger impact with innovative and sophisticated solutions coming forward. Our talented engineers possess all the tech acumen to help you build the next revolutionary edtech solution. We carefully select each team member based on the requirements and expertise you need. Ensure that your developer can build a fully themeable app that you can white label by yourself.

Software development from scratch vs White label solution

Nevertheless when an agency white labels software it makes it difficult for a client to “go around” the agency as the client has no idea that the software wasn’t created by the agency. Retention of a customer’s business is one of the most important Key Performance Indicators we measure! We have constantly proven when we are front-facing with a client that we can retain their business a lot longer! Our average retention rate is measured in years, compared to the industry standard of only holding on to a client for months. As of the writing of this article, our average client sticks with us for three and a half years.

Open Source ERP Versus White Label ERP Software

Of course, we have plenty of clients that are with us a lot longer and some clients that only stick for two months, but our high average is the key to our and your success. For example, if you go to a grocery store such as Walmart, you’ll notice that you can buy all sorts of products sold under the Great Value brand. They have various companies that already provide those products and are willing to put them in Great Value packaging instead of their own on Walmart’s behalf. The terms white label and private label are often used interchangeably . White labeling is when a product or service removes their brand and logo from the end product and instead uses the branding requested by the purchaser.

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2022-12-22 NDAQ:UEIC Press Release Universal Electronics Inc..

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After the launch, there is still room for improvement to the service, and a service provider should assist in supporting and upgrading the provided option. B2B WL solutions come as profitable cooperations between two businesses. One company provides services and transfers all the rights to the second company, advertising this product as its product. White labeling is a collaboration model in which one company produces a product or service for another company, then sells it under its own brand.

Firstly, one must wonder if it is possible; to reduce costs during the development life cycle. Either you have your own money saved up that you will be investing, or you have cryptocurrency exchange software to find investors to fund your venture. This step won’t cost you anything, but to be honest, this step will be as complicated as getting a license, perhaps even more so.

Top 6 white label platform providers

FirstHomeCoach was able to sell white-label ERP products to potential homebuyers that were secure and reliable. Relevant can deliver white label development services for fintech companies across the board. That provides fintech companies with the capacity to use and benefit from P2P lending, banking services, or wealth management. A white label solution is a perfect choice if you want to quickly deploy and launch your exchange in the highly-volatile and competitive crypto market to gain essential competitive edge.

The Xenoss way: Hitting the sweet spot with component-based development

Blockchain’s trend which tends to the adoption of many industries did not leave the flamboyant ecommerce industry as an exception. With the evolving trends and growth of NFTs, ecommerce platforms have started to show their interest in NFTs by integrating NFTs in the platforms that allow users to purchase NFTs. Research has shown that the integration of NFTs and ecommerce will experience exceptional growth and bring new revolutions in the market with tremendous business opportunities. Prior to delivery, verify that the product is truly suited for real time business needs.

That being said, remember that costs and fees for your white label betting business will be ongoing. In addition to requesting a quote, many companies also provide the option to request a sportsbook software free demo. Nowadays, there’s a rising interest in white label solutions, given the development of businesses in the changing environment and demand for online services available in a click.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Usually, this type of software will be encrypted and protected with strong security mechanisms in order to provide a secure environment. At present, the utilization of the White label cryptocurrency exchange is much requested. In our crypto development company, we do a thorough analysis and research in the crypto market and select the best cryptocurrency exchanges. With these top-tier crypto exchanges, we pick out their most unique and dominant features and combine them with our own style for developing a solid Whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange. Moreover, we don’t stop at that, we also take in the request from you and add the desired features to the platform and make a perfectly customized Whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange software. It is essentially a software product that you can rebrand as your own.

One of the top grossing sectors of the global iGaming industry, online betting is booming around the world. In Europe, betting on sports accounts for over 41% of total iGaming revenue. According to the UK Gambling Commission, in the UK alone, the Gross Gambling Yield for remote betting totaled £2.6 billion between the period of April 2020 to March 2021. If you want to enjoy a piece of this lucrative pie, launching your own bookmaker site is something you should seriously consider. Your business needs to keep up with continuously evolving market trends and customer expectations. We are extraordinarily agile so that you can pivot strategies at will.

Going custom app developmentway, you have complete control over technology stack decisions that can help you get a scalable, stable, and sustainable app. At times, the businesses want to implement a couple of changes in the app in a short duration. The situation is difficult for the businesses having a white-label solution as there is complete reliance on vendors to incorporate changes in the app features and design. Such maintenance is easy with the white-label solutions as they directly link with the CMS where content can modify in real-time without requiring an app update. When it comes to custom app maintenance, it’s easy to integrate the functionalities at any stage, but the path is not that easy.

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